There are few times in life when you have to wear an extremely glamorous dress

How do you determine which dress is prone to your figure?
March 29, 2017
Plain dresses, especially in black and white, as well as prints continue to set trends
July 22, 2017
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There are few times in life when you have to wear an extremely glamorous dress

Look in advance for the dress you will wear at the promotion party. You may not know the date of the party yet, but you can start checking fashion magazines and some stores in advance, it may be three or four months before the party.
Plan the purchase of the ideal dress, at least four or six weeks before the promotion party. Most formal dresses (including promotional dresses) need some modifications for a perfect fit, and you can count on enough time to make all the necessary modifications.

Make sure the dress you choose is not one that all your friends would choose. You must have a different one. Be yourself.

Calculate the budget for your promotional dress and start saving as soon as possible. Make sure you can count on extra money for small accessories such as hair clips, pantyhose and makeup.

Observe some famous people at events with red carpet and with the help of the internet, take notes of the different styles they use to define yours. You can find a similar promotional dress in any boutique in your area.

Try the dresses in different models and cuts until you find the one that best highlights the shapes of your body. If you are a slender figure, you will look better with a tube dress that better highlights your silhouette. If you have curves, you can take into account wearing an A-shaped dress that will highlight your waist and minimize your hips and thighs. If you’re short and thin, dress stores can be a nightmare for you: cocktail dresses will look broad and party dresses will look like cocktail dresses. If you are looking for a longer dress, choose a short one that fits you long. The dress will fit better where you go and it will not be too long either.

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